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How can a donation transform learning?

updatED design is about unleashing creativity and innovation in learners. It is about bringing design inspiration into classrooms.
Donating is simple and has an immediate impact.  Window and point of sale displays, posters, etc. can get a new life as classroom design and in school prototype labs.  Best of all, your donation keeps these materials out of landfills. updatED design is part of the Anastasis Foundation for Innovative Learning, a 501(c)(3) non-profit making your donation tax-deductible as allowed by law.
View our wishlist below to learn about the types of material donations we accept and how you can donate.

Point of sale displays

Point of sale displays (shelf talkers, floor stand displays, etc.) are wonderful materials for students to cut apart and rebuild into something new.  Point of sale displays often end up in our schools prototype labs where students can re-imagine materials through the design thinking process.


Window Displays

Window displays often represent incredible creativity and design.  We believe that schools should be filled with good design and inspiration for the learners they house.  Window display materials get new life as classroom and school decor, in a prototype lab, or for special events.


Branding & Identity

Extra posters, single sided fliers, and other branding/identity materials are wonderful for large format student work.  Students often use the back of these posters and fliers to create their own large format work.


How to donate your materials:

1.  Call or email us- to find out if your materials would be useful for teachers and learners.


2.  Drop your materials off- We accept donation drop offs on the first and third Friday of the month 9am-2pm

     6495 S. Colorado Blvd

     Centennial, CO 80121

  **If the drop off times will not work, please email to make alternate arrangements.


3. Schedule a pickup time- please send pictures of the items you are interested in donating and specify a time for pickup to


4.  Congratulations Change Maker! You are making a difference in education and contributing to outstanding learning opportunities! 

Not only are you keeping reusable materials out of landfills or saving on recycling costs, you can also get a tax break (if your accountant is good with that).  The Anastasis Foundation for Innovative Learning tax exempt number is: 98000134


5.  Provide us with your store logo and url for a partner link!

We also accept monetary donations for student scholarships, professional development opportunities, and customizing curriculum for students.




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