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updatED design is about bringing new life, creativity and innovation into the classroom.

We accept donations from stores around the nation.  Window displays, point of sale cardboard displays, shelf talkers, etc. can have new life in school prototype labs or as classroom decor.  Donations support student creativity, hands on/project based learning,  local environment, and bring professional design elements to the classroom.  Your store can save on disposal costs and keep reusable materials out of landfills!

Tax Deductible!

Your donation is tax-deductible through the Anastasis Innovation Foundation's 501c3 status.

Tell everyone you know about updatED design and do your part to support innovation and creativity in education!

We aim to provide learners with inspirational design, prototype materials and endless opportunities for creative thinking.

Design learning

Social Media

Download our pdf to pass on to local stores and businesses.

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